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A Kong's Guide to Keeping Your Dog Busy

31 Mar 2020


During these unprecedented crazy times, the majority of us are now finding ourselves being told to work from home. I'm sure we can all agree that this isn't the easiest task when your dog thinks you’re having an extended weekend to play with them! We've put together some simple tips & tricks to keep your dog busy as a bee while you crack on with the boring stuff...


Stuff a KONG... or 2.. or 3! The best distraction is also a tasty one! Add hydrated kibble, wet food, or get really creative with your KONG stuffing recipes with inspiration from our website. If you’re maximizing your time, you can find some quick and easy things to stuff your KONG's with here. Make sure your dog always has a KONG ready to go by following these simple three steps:

1. Play today: you know the drill — give your dog a stuffed KONG to keep them busy, happy, and relaxed.

2. Freeze for later: stuff a separate KONG and stick it in the freezer. Frozen KONG's are a greater challenge for your pup and will keep them occupied for longer.

3. Wash for tomorrow: KONG's are top rack dishwasher safe, so when your dog has emptied theirs, you can pop it in the dishwasher and save yourself some time scrubbing.



Interactive Toys

Bust boredom with puzzle toys that keep your dog’s mind mentally stimulated so you can focus on your task at hand. Try swapping out their regular feeding bowl for something more interactive. A dispensing ball perhaps? Their kibble strewn into an empty box and filled with toys for them to dig through? Scatter feeding, slow feeders, lickimats, 'find it' games, the list is endless!

Hide and Seek

Hide your dog’s favorite toys or treats around the house for them to have fun finding. Start by enthusiastically showing them the toys or treats chosen for your game and ask them to sit and stay in one spot. This gives you the chance to strategically hide as many toys or treats around your house while they patiently wait (with excitement).



Make Ice Cube Treats

Whether the weather is hot or cold, creating ice cube treats for dogs is a great way to keep them occupied for an extended amount of time. Many dogs love ice cubes so why not make it more interesting by freezing in a few treats, kibble, or even a whole stuffed KONG! The added hydration is always a bonus as well. If you can’t give your dog their frozen treat outside, try putting it on a towel or mat so it doesn’t melt on unwanted surfaces.You can even make a giant #KONGsicle with a to-go container or glass dish, a few treats and a delicious tasty chew.



Rotate their toys!

Introduce new toys (or old) one at a time to keep them interested. Put all others away so your dog can enjoy the toy without being overwhelmed with options. This makes each toy feel special. Creative storage is also key in keeping your house in order while still catering to your furry pals’ play sessions. Storage baskets or bins are an efficient way to store pet toys without breaking the bank. You can even personalize or DIY decorate them! Some pets even enjoy and find mental stimulation in the task of picking their favorite toy out of the basket or bin they are held in. 



No matter what's going on in the big world, dogs need to play and be mentally stimulated. We hope these tips and tricks help keep your pooch busy, happy and at ease!