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The Weekly Fluff

12 Apr 2020

A weekly dose of fluff delivered by you (our customers!) and your four-legged fur-monsters.



Did you know that in a recent survery, 92% of dog owners admitted to collapsing on the floor to see their dogs reaction?

Um, of course that's a real statistic.


Here are some of the photos that you have been tagging us in this past week...


8 week old Roy getting a taste of his first ever hairy rabbit ear - a scrumptious crispy treat for that wee pot belly!


Meet Rocky! He's the first doggo to taste test the new Giant Buffalo Tails which arrived this week.

Either that or he's just attempting an unusual form of wizardry? (These defo look like giant Harry Potter wands)


Dee Dee was truly overjoyed with her Red Deer Leg on Easter Sunday. These are awesome for keeping her teefers clean and shiny!



Another happy Rocky with his delivery of KONG toys and Sportspet balls. This Dodo might just be his new favourite!




Isla and Fenton were absowoofly hypnotised with their parcel of stinky treats that was delivered to the doorstep.

Isla was crying with excitement while Fenton was salivating all over the kitchen floor.




Sunshine and Salmon and Cod fingers! Elvis & Bobby are living the spring dream right now.


Happy 1st Birthday Edie! Edie celebrated with a Buffalo Wrapped Trachea and an abundance of loves and belly rubs.



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