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The Weekly Fluff

4 Apr 2020

A weekly dose of fluff delivered by you and your four-legged fur-monsters!



Well there we have it. We're now on Day 1,675,923 of quarantine and the novelty of being able to wear our pyjamas while slugging through the days work is really beginning to wear thin. By this point, i'm pretty sure that the only ones who are loving life right now are the dogs. This is essentially Christmas Day but every day for them... right?

That being said, we know all too well that many of your pooches are going stir crazy being limited to only one walk a day. This week we've had a sudden surge of requests for long lasting treats and chews, with many of you looking for ways to keep the dogs entertained while you crack on with the (boring) work stuff.

Here are some of the photos that you have been tagging us in this past week!



Henry has just discovered that we have a yummy range of delicious natural chews. His first purchase from us was this humongous tasty, air-dried Ostrich bone!



Daphney is one of our sassiest little regulars. These JR Braided Lamb Chews are her new favourite because they take her ageees to gnaw through! Perfect for those growing puppy gnashers.




Fitz loved these smelly air-dried Sprats given to him as a little freebie. His brother Milo... not so keen!




The handsome Rico enjoying his delicious hairy Venison Slice - the latest addition to our natural range of dog treats.




Golden girl Kida. One of the happiest (and most amazingly trained!) dogs that gives the B E S T cuddles. Kida is at the top of our 'Customers dogs that we would take home if we could' list.




The lovely Cockapoo Daisy! Also at the top of our 'Customers dogs that we would take home if we could' list.

(It's a very long list)



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