Lambing Season Is Here!

Lambing Season Is Here!

Lambing Season Is Here!

Lambing Season is here! Keep your dog on a lead around the countryside! 🐑🌾⚠️

There were some horrific stories last year about dogs been shot for attacking livestock, so we're sharing this to remind you of the danger of letting your dog off lead around farming land ⚠️

Sheep are seasonal breeders and, generally speaking, January through May is lambing season ☀️ At this time of year we are leaving winter behind and entering spring, when days start getting warmer and the grass is more plentiful for livestock grazing 🌾 During lambing season, expectant ewes are especially vulnerable and are easily ‘worried’ by dogs that happen upon them unexpectedly in the field 🐶

Even the most docile and gentle-natured dogs retain their natural predatory instinct and can fail to remain calm when presented with sheep (and their energetic lambs) in pasture 🐑

Once a sheep starts running, dogs are usually only too willing to mount chase. Sheep are also flight animals, and once they catch sight of a dog in pursuit, will flee at full speed, only encouraging the dog’s excitement further.

If a sheep is attacked by a dog on farming land, you (as the dog’s owner) are legally responsible for the destruction of the farmer's property. If you are using a public right of way and your dog escapes onto private land, you are legally responsible for trespassing 🚜

In Section 9 of the Animals Act 1971 it states that in some circumstances, for instance when the safety of livestock is threatened, the farmer or landowner maintains the right to shoot a dog that is ‘worrying’ his sheep, providing the incident is reported to police within 48 hours ⚠️

It's not worth the risk letting your dogs off the lead around livestock. Keep them with you and stay on the appropriate routes and paths 🐾

Act responsibly.

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