Beaphar Gentle Leader - Red

by Beaphar
Type: Pet Supplies

The Gentle Leader®'s unique triple action, patented design counters the pulling instinct in dogs by gentle pressure being transferred to the back of the neck and muzzle, naturally stimulating a relaxation response.

Key Benefits

- Strong and long lasting
- Soft weave for comfort
- Easy to fit
- Endorsed by leading animal behaviourist
- Informative training guide

Product Information

Gentle Leader® is a unique, patented design that has been scientifically designed to work with your dog's natural instincts in order to control unwanted behaviour. A dog's natural instinct is to pull on the lead, Gentle Leader® counters this in three ways:

1. Gentle pressure is transferred to the back of the neck, naturally stimulating a relaxation response (the same as when a mother carries a puppy by the scruff of its neck).
2. Gentle pressure around the muzzle of the nose loop naturally gives a relaxation response.
3. It works like a halter rope - where the nose goes the body will follow.


Recommended for

Labrador, Cocker & Springer Spaniels, German Shepherd, Boxer, Retreiver, Dobermann, Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Bitches and young dogs may need a smaller size.


1. Attach the lead to the lead control ring on the Gentle Leader® harness.

2. Open the neck strap, holding one end in each hand. The nose loop and lead should hang down to form the letter 'T'.

3. Fit neck-strap high on your dog's neck, so that it is touching the base of your dog's skull at the back and snug above the Adam's apple at the front. You should be able to squeeze one finger underneath the neck-strap. The correct fit will prevent rotation around the dog's neck, and will appear to fit more snugly around your dog's neck, but they will still be comfortable, able to pant easily and show no signs of distress or discomfort.

4. Take neck-strap off your dog.

5. Slide the adjustable sliding clamp down to the control ring and pull the nose loop up through centre double D-ring.

6. Holding both straps in your hands, slide the nose loop over your dog's nose and then buckle the neck strap high on your dog's neck at its pre-fitted position.

7. Slide the adjustable sliding clamp up the nose loop under the jaw. The nose loop should be in front of your dog's eyes, behind the corners of your dog's mouth and be loose enough to pull forward to the fleshy part of the nose, but not so loose that you can pull it off the end of his nose.

Make final adjustment to nose loop and then close the adjustable sliding clamp, and start walking straight away.

Once fitted in this way, it should not be necessary to re-open the adjustable sliding clamp, unless your dog is still growing. The clamp is the most technically advanced element of the Gentle Leader, and is not designed to be repeatedly opened and closed. If put under habitual stress in this way it is liable to break. To remove the Gentle Leader, always open the buckle, leaving the clamp in place.

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