New to our handmade range of enrichment toys is the fabulous Sniff and Snack Cube! Made from UK sourced, quality fleece which has been firmly secured in place, this giant cube provides a mentally stimulating form of enrichment that requires your dog to use their snoot!

Simply hide delicious treats within the strips of fleece and your dog will need to use their sense of smell to locate them! With so many layers of fleece to sniff and search through, the Sniff & Snack Cube is sure to provide your dog with a real snuffling challenge.

Challenges that require scent work are mentally stimulating and encourage your dogs natural behaviour, thus keeping them busy, entertained and happy. These bowls can also be used to help slow down dog’s that gulp their food.

Check out our delicious Carnilove treats which are perfectly sized for Jack's Wardrobe enrichment toys!

  • Fantastic for elderly dog’s that need gently exercise
  • Great for larger breed dogs
  • Engages your dog and mentally stimulates the brain!

Supervision is required. These toys are not designed to be used as tug toys. Once your dog has finished finding their treats or food please remove the ball from the dog.

Dimensions (approx): 30cm