JR Ostrich bones are a deliciously nutritious, long lasting treat! They are surprisingly lightweight and guaranteed to not splinter, making them ideal for power chewers. They also float for dogs who enjoy the water! Ostrich is a novel protein, meaning it's brilliant for dogs with allergies and/or sensitivites to common source proteins.

The Ostriches used are either wild or humanely raised on small farms, resulting in easily digestible low fat hypoallergenic treats, the perfect accompaniment to achieve a balanced diet for your dog. All of JR’s Ostrich products are sourced responsibly.

  • Sourced from wild Ostriches and free range Ostriches raised humanely on small farms
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Guaranteed to not splinter
  • It floats!
  • Super lightweight with a honeycomb effect inside

Suitable for all breeds of dogs and puppies over 3 months old. Feed in moderation as a healthy treat.


100% Ostrich