Riley's Calming Candle has been developed with Sweet Orange and Frankincense essential oils, carefully chosen to help comfort your pooch and reduce anxiety.

Anxiety in dogs can be triggered for a number of reasons, such as;

  • Sudden loud bangs / fireworks - Bonfire Night, New Years, Christmas
  • Moving home
  • Knocks on the front door
  • The introduction of new baby or a new pet
  • Being away from home

With Riley's natural blend of aromatherapy, this handmade calming candle will promote an overall sense of calm in the home and have positive calming effects on your dog. Made with 100% natural, pure soy wax and with subtle scents of Orange Blossom and Frankincense, your pooch (and you) will be snoozing away happily oblivious to the small stresses of everyday life.

Vegan friendly with no chemicals or nasties.

Candles come in a 180ml amber glass lidded jar so it can be popped away during uses if needed and reused or recycled when finished.