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A bit about us...

We are an independent, family-owned pet shop situated in the heart of Garforth, specializing in healthy, natural pet food and treats 🍃

One of our key aims is to ensure that all of our products are ethically sourced and tailored to promote the health and wellbeing of your pet. We think of your pets as a part of our family as much as they are yours, which means we will never recommend any products that we don’t believe to be in their best interests. We have selectively chosen specific manufacturers whose ethics match our own, whilst offering quality products which contain only the best, natural ingredients - companies such as; JR Pet Products, ACANA, Lily's Kitchen, Burgess, Carnilove and many more! Not to mention all of our treats have been quality tested first by our German Shepherd, Tara! 🐾

We are happy to offer suggestions and discuss healthy food options which are tailored to suit your pets individual nutritional needs. We recognise that some pets can be extremely fussy and therefore we will always offer you a range of delicious samples for them to try first! 

We are proud to stock a range of locally handmade, unique products, such as our Paracord 550 dog leads, doggy bandanas and superb quality blankets (as seen at Crufts!) We also source all of our small animal bedding, such as hay, straw and shavings from a local, family-run farm in Aberford 🚜

If you've visited us before you'll have noticed that our shop has a strong family feel; it's bring your dog to work day everyday at The Urban Pet Store, making it a very interesting place to be! We welcome all dogs into the shop, whether they are muddy, grumpy, bouncing-off-the-walls giddy or not so great with other dogs. We even have dry towels available for dirty paws! 🤗

Whilst we are certainly dog mad, we also provide a wide range of products for cats, small animals, wild birds and aviary birds. In keeping with our core values, we do not sell any live animals. We do however support our local rescue centres and encourage 'Adopt Don't Shop!' ☝️

We deliver for FREE to customers in Garforth. Please contact us directly via phone, email or Facebook to place an order. Our portable till system means you can pay via card or cash when we deliver! 🚗

Meet the team!

Natalie - Managing Director


Nat has dreamt of opening her own pet shop ever since she worked in the one down the high street 5 years ago. (It's a Pets World - for those of you who may remember!)

Nat is a keen adventurer and likes to spend her days off climbing mountains, exploring and going in search of gastropubs that do great sticky toffee puddings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nat also likes to crawl into bed at 7pm with the dog and enjoy a glass of toffee vodka. (Whilst watching Hollyoaks - please don't judge too heavily)

Her favourite part about owning a pet shop is meeting all of the adorable doggos which come in to visit and being able to have a laugh with their lovely owners.

Tara, 11 - Chief of Quality Assurance

Breed: German Shepherd 

D.O.B: New Year’s Eve, 2007 

Favourite treats: Rabbit ears and pig snouts

Best described as a big, lovable floof! Tara's an 11 year old rescue dog who loves playing ‘wrestle’ with other big dogs and chasing squirrels in our local woods. She’s a little adventurer at heart and loves going to new places where she can discover new sniffs, lick lots of sheep poop and say Hi to other doggos (although she’s more interested in seeing if their owner has snacks)
She looks forward to her monthly walks with the GSD Yorkshire Walk Group where she runs wild with 40+ other shepherds.

Manny - Personal Handyman

You may have seen Manny floating in and around the shop if he's been busy building us shelving (Or dropping off our deliveries - what a gem)

Manny hand-builds all of the quirky, wooden bits and bobs you might have seen in the shop, such as our counter and Tara's little gate... plus the bench outside! Manny owns his own hydraulic engineering business and spends the majority of his day driving here, there and everywhere, so he doesn't visit the shop very often... but if you do happen to have an odd, barsley fella ask 'Tha alright', it's probably him, and he won't bite.

At home he enjoys cooking, building things in his man-shed and annoying the rest of us by singing the same 'hum-biddly-om-pom' tune over and over. Not a bad egg really.