About Us

Welcome to The Urban Pet Store

We are an independent, family-owned pet store situated in the heart of Garforth, West Yorkshire. We first opened our doors back in May 2018, with a promise to deliver natural and ethically sourced pet supplies to our local area. We proudly fullfilled this promise with our large selection of 100% natural pet food and treats, sustainably sourced and fair-trade small animal/bird toys and large (and ever growing!) selection of raw dog food.

We consider your pets as much a part of our family as they are yours, which means we'll never recommend products that we don’t believe to be in their best interests. Here at The Urban Pet Store we do not believe that dogs are 'just dogs'. With completely unique, individual and varying needs, we will always strive to go out of our way if it means helping you to find the perfect product for your individual pet. We have selectively chosen specific manufacturers whose ethics match our own, whilst offering quality products which contain only the best, natural ingredients - companies such as; JR Pet Products, ACANA, Lily's Kitchen, Burgess, Carnilove and many more! (Not to mention all of our treats have been quality tested first by our German Shepherd, Tara! 🐾)

If you've visited us before you'll have noticed that our shop has a strong family feel; it's bring your dog to work day most days at The Urban Pet Store, making it a very happy and cuddly place to be! We welcome all dogs into the shop, whether they are muddy, kinda grumpy or unbelievably excited.

We are proud to stock a range of locally handmade, unique products, such as our Paracord 550 dog leads, doggy bandanas and superb quality blankets (as seen at Crufts!) We also source all of our small animal bedding, such as hay, straw and shavings from a local, family-owned farm in Aberford 🚜


Whilst we are certainly dog mad, we do also provide a wide range of products for cats, small animals, wild birds and aviary birds. In keeping with our core values, we do not sell any live animals. We do however support our local rescue centres and encourage 'Adopt Don't Shop!' ☝️


We deliver for FREE to customers in Garforth. Please contact us directly via phone, email or Facebook to place an order. Our portable till system means you can pay via card or cash when we deliver! 🚗