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Why Your Dog Needs a Coat: The Benefits

Why Your Dog Needs a Coat: The Benefits

Dogs are beloved members of our families, and we want to make sure they are comfortable and protected from the elements at all times! One way to do this is by purchasing a dog coat to keep them warm during winter months. There are many benefits to buying a dog coat for your furry friend, including:

Protection from the elements: A dog coat can provide insulation and protection from rain, snow, and cold temperatures. This can help keep your dog warm and dry during walks and outdoor activities. Even a dog with a thick, double-coat (such as a German Shepherd) can benefit from the warmth of a coat, especially if they are older to help keep the chill at bay on arthritic joints. 

Increased visibility: Many dog coats come with reflective material, which can make your dog more visible to drivers and other pedestrians at night or in low-light conditions. This can help keep your dog safe while out and about. Our best-selling Trespaws Butch-X Coat features a bright reflective strip and reflective stitching for super visibility. Our Trespaws Duke Coat has the same great benefits but also features a removable inner fleece - meaning you can use it as a light waterproof jacket for warmer, wet walks, or with the insulating fleece for really arctic weather!

Easy cleaning: A dog coat can make cleaning up after walks much easier. Mud, dirt and debris won't stick to the coat as easily as it would to their fur, making it much easier to wipe or wash off, especially if you have a short haired dog. There's much less of the dog to clean if they've been wearing a coat, meaning less time battling them with a wet towel after a walk.

Comfort: Dog coats can provide lots of comfort for dogs who have sensitive skin or are recovering from surgery, as well as dogs with extremely short coats! Breeds such as Italian Greyhounds or Whippets who don't have a particularly thick coat to keep them warm can benefit the most from protection against the elements.

When purchasing a dog coat, it is important to consider the size, material, and design. Visit us in store and ask one of our staff to help you with finding the perfect fit. We have our very own 'doggy fitting room' for the occasion and we're always on hand to assist you with trying them on. Look for a coat that's made with a breathable and water-resistant material. And don't forget, you should always measure your dog before purchasing a coat to ensure the best fit if you don't have them with you.

In conclusion, buying a dog coat for your furry friend can provide protection from the elements, increased visibility, easy cleaning and comfort. It is also a great choice for dogs with sensitive skin or those with thin coats. With so many benefits, a coat is definitely worth the investment!

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