LickiMat Playdate


The LickiMat Playdate Original is a great feeding gadget. This will make meal and treat times more entertaining for your furry friend. Not only will this enhance their environment but it will benefit their health as well!

You can use blended or wet food or even small chunks and crumbs on the mat like our Anco Pate. Spread your dogs favourite soft treat over the surface and create a fun and tasty game. Their food then becomes trapped in the small textured squares. As such your pet will have timeless yummy fun with their food or treats.

  • Boredom Breaker
  • Great for enrichment
  • Can be used as a slow feeder for pets on wet or raw food diets
  • Makes a little treat go a long way

Licking their mat will soothe your pet by releasing calming hormones, and it will increase their saliva production. This action makes digestion easier and promotes good dental health. Why not put it in the freezer to provide a refreshing treat on warm days or in the microwave for the chilly ones!

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